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Posted on 08-09-2010


Everything in the universe is made up of energy which is vibrating at precise specific frequencies. There are several different energies that exist, such as dense energy, loose energy, erratic energy, and calm energy, which make up either high, medium or low frequency energies. The human body is made up of three parts: the spirit, soul and the physical body. Each part is constructed of various energetic vibrations, which makes up all aspects of health and well-being; these energetic vibrations also influence and control the bodies' electrical and chemical systems. 

Low energetic frequencies are especially related to the various types of pain that people experience. If your physical energy within your body is blocked or sluggish, you will experience aches, stiffness and pains such as sciatica, headache, fibromyalgia and others. In short: low frequency equals low function and poor health; high frequency equals high functioning and good health. Emotions such as anger, fear, self-rejection, lust etc. have low energetic effects on the body. Emotions of Love, gratefulness, thankfulness for example have high energetic effects on the body. 

By changing your energy you directly affect the way you feel, think and act, which affects your overall well being and health. 

The EnergyCare technology ATRAXLITE corrects energetic imbalances in the body by constantly bombarding the body with good energy which eventually overpower wrong energetic frequencies produced by negative thinking and ill behaviors. By balancing the body´s energy, its electrical channels are increased and eventually cleared, strengthening the electrical meridians or centers by unblocking them. This allows for a releasing of toxins, restoring health to the cell, and thereby offering relief to the pain sufferer. 

Energy is developed, stored and moved in the body through the adrenals, the organs, chakra centres and meridian pathways. The key to pain relief and lasting health is to open the energy channels called meridians, raising the body´s vibration energy and keep moving it at all times through the body; ATRAXLITE achieves this. The person using this technology will become more relaxed, thereby increasing the Oxygen level in the body as they breath deeper. By relaxing, more blood is able to flow to the area, thereby deflating the site. A more calm and relaxed individual is able to rest and sleep more, which reduces stress and helps to recharge the free-flow of energy in the body. ATRAXLITE is a non-invasive form of healing. 

ATRAXLITE can be allocated on minerals and metals to setup a specific programming. This is possible through creating a memory on the material by a process of electro-magnetic frequency absorption. This programming increases benefits in different proportions for every person´s body balance, stamina, strength, flexibility, relieve pains as arthritis, back strains, bursitis, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, migraines faster than the body will normally do. The energy in your EnergyCare product will hold indefinitely and cannot be compromised by heat, cold, x-rays, magnets, or scanners at security checks. There is no minimum or maximum time to use the EnergyCare products, no batteries or electrical power is ever needed, and these products work just as well on animals as well as humans. It is a safe, all-natural approach to increase your energy without harmful secondary effects, and the EnergyCare technology can be used safely by persons of all ages. The energy that emanates from the EnergyCare products penetrates the skin and muscles all the way to the bone. It safely and gently speeds up the body's natural healing process. EnergyCare technology is able to provide your cells, tissues and organs with the appropriate energy that they require to function optimally. 

We carry these bands in the office and to my knowledge we are THE ONLY available source on the West Coast. EnergyCare bands come with a 30 day satisfaction. I can do 3 simple tests to demonstrate an increase in strength, flexibility and balance. Call today to Find out more.


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